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Producers Rice Mill is a full- line supplier of the finest rice available.  From our central location in the heart of the Southern Rice Belt, Producers ships products across the country and around the world.



Long Grain Rice - Long, slender kernel, four times longer than it is wide. Cooked grains are separate, light and fluffy.


  • Long Grain Milled- Rice kernels that have had both the hull and bran layers moved.   It is sometimes referred to as milled rice, milled white rice, polished rice, or polished white rice.  Most white rice is enriched, giving it a nutritional value similar to brown rice.
  • Long Grain Parboil- Kernels of rice which have had only the hulls removed.  Brown rice may be eaten as is or milled in regular-milled white rice.  Cooked brown rice has slightly chewy texture and nut-like flavor.  The light brown color is caused by the presence of bran layers which are rich in minerals and vitamins, especially the B-complex group.
  • Long Grain Brown- Rough rice that has gone through a steam-pressure process before milling.  This procedure gelatinizes the starch in the grain, and ensures a firmer, more separate grain.  Parboiled rice is favored by consumers and chefs who desire a cooked rice with an extra fluffy and separated texture.
  • Long Grain Parboil Brown-Same as Long Grain Parboil with bran layer left on the kernel




Medium Grain Rice – Kernel is two to three times longer than it is wide.  Cooked grains are moist, tender and slightly clingy.


  • Medium Grain Milled- Rice that has had the hull and bran layers removed.  Medium Grain Rice when cooked typically has a softer and sticky texture than Long Grain.  It is often mistaken for short grain (sushi) rice.





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