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Producers Rice Mill distributes several different types of rice and rice mixes for retail sale. Look for these in your local grocery store!

Regular Milled Rice 

Sometimes referred to as “white rice,” in the milling process the outer hull is removed and layers of bran milled away until the grain is white. The grains are water-polished to a finished product that cooks up white, tender and fluffy. Both long grain white and medium grain white varieties are available. 

Long grain rice – cooked grains are light and fluffy; excellent for serving as a side dish, in salads, curries, stews, and in poultry, seafood, meat or vegetarian main dishes. 
Medium grain rice – cooked grains are tender and moist, tending to cling together. Ideal for rice puddings and desserts, rice bowls, paella, risotto and sushi.
Regular Milled Rice pack sizes

Regular Milled Rice



Whole Grain Brown Rice 

More and more consumers are looking for whole grain foods as part of a healthy diet. Like all whole grains, brown rice is the unmilled kernel with only the outer husk removed. The remaining bran layer gives the rice a natural tan color and is the source for the distinct nutty flavor and chewy texture. Brown rice is a 100% whole grain food, rich in minerals and vitamins, especially the B-complex group, and it is a complex carbohydrate… an energy food! 
Brown rice pack sizes

Whole Grain Brown Rice



Premium Parboiled Rice 

Why do consumers choose parboiled rice? Because of its excellent cooking qualities. Parboiled rice cooks up with separate, slightly firmer grains – never sticky and gummy. Don’t confuse parboiled rice with “instant rice” or “quick cooking rice.” Parboiled is short for partially boiled (not precooked). Parboiled rice is processed differently from regular milled white rice, which accounts for its excellent cooked qualities. The result is cooked rice that never clumps, looks perfect when served and can be easily refrigerated and re­served. 

Parboiled rice sizes

Premium Parboiled Rice Nutrition Information

Premium parboiled rice


Seasoned Rice 

Producers’ seasoned rice products combine convenience, versatility and taste to create delicious rice recipes ready as easily as water can be boiled.  Pre-measured seasonings are included with premium parboiled rice for ease of preparation producing a cooked product that remains  separate and fluffy for hours. Various sizes and flavors, both packer and private label items are available.

Seasoned Rice Mixes Nutrition Information

Garden Harvest rice mix Yellow rice mix

Basmati, Jasmine & Arborio Rice 

Worldwide there are more than 40,000 different types of rice, though only a small percentage is grown and marketed in the United States. Producers offers some of the more popular varieties including Jasmine Rice, Basmati Rice and Arborio Rice. The difference in these varieties may be aroma, plate appearance or a subtle flavor difference. Producers’ specialty rice products are all USA-grown, assuring the distinctive qualities specialty varieties are known for along with the guarantee of domestic quality. Various sizes, both packer and private label items are available for our different types of rice. 

Basmati, Jasmine & Arborio Rice
Basmati Rice 
With an origination in India, this aromatic long grain rice has a distinctive nutty flavor and aroma. This popular long grain rice creates out-of-the-ordinary recipes to accompany most any entrée. 
Jasmine Rice 
An aromatic long grain rice with an origination in Thailand. Distinguished by its sweet aroma and moist texture, it is purely white and tender when cooked. 
Arborio Rice 
Sometimes called, “Risotto Rice,” Arborio is known for its unique texture and flavor, yielding a creamy character when cooked, yet “al dente” on the inside. This pearl-like medium grain rice is ideal for traditional Italian risottos or rice puddings.
Grown in the USA Rice


ParExcellence® Long Grain & Wild Rice Blend

ParExcellence® Rice Pilaf

ParExcellence® Spanish Rice

ParExcellence® Long Grain & Wild Rice Garden Blend

Arborio Rice




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