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Premium Long Grain Parboil Rice

Parboiled rice is made through a process where rough rice goes through a steam-pressure process prior to being milled. This process gelatinizes the starch in the grain, and ensures a firmer, more separate grain. Parboiled rice is favored by consumers who prefer a cooked rice with a firm texture and separated grains. Parboiled rice is easier to cook and maintains its quality longer after cooking.

Grown in the USA Rice and Non GMO Verified

Premium Long Grain Parboiled Rice

Producers Rice Mill ships rice around the globe world in multiple sizes and types, including private label brands.

  • 1MT Totes, 100 lb., 50 lb., 50 kg, 40 kg and 25 kg poly-woven bags
  • Containers – Bulk and Bagged
  • River Barges - Bulk for vessel loading

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