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Garden Harvest Rice Retail

Whether it’s a special occasion or Monday night, this colorful blend is the perfect start for culinary creations. There’s no added seasoning, so flavor this blend of premium parboiled rice, select wild rice, carrots, leeks, celery, bell peppers, onions and garlic any number of ways. Cooking in chicken, beef or vegetable broth adds just the right flavor to match any entrée. The rice and vegetables are completely blended together for easy preparation and flexible serving yields-make a little or make a lot! Create a unique and healthy plate presentation by substituting this colorful rice blend for regular white or brown rice. Naturally low sodium, gluten free and no MSG.

Grown in the USA Rice



Nutritional Information

  • 6/3.25LB (52 OZ) BOTTLES


Cooking Directions

To find consumer recipe options from the Think Rice website, browse here.

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