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Producers Rice Mill "produces" a bevy of rice products marketed domestically as well as worldwide. In addition to our domestic food service and retail product lines, we offer private label and co-product lines.

Producers also has a unique and tasty gift department where you can buy something special. We have something for everyone -- from gift packages to our popular seasoned rice mixes.

Classic Gift Package
Our classic combination features our 3 lb. parboiled rice in a resealable bag, two 1 lb. bags of our extra long grain white rice and a 1 lb. bag of LeGourmet brown rice, shipped anywhere in the continental United States. An excellent value at only $15.50.
Supreme Gift Package
Our Supreme gift pack features a seven package assortment of our finest rice products: our 2 lb. parboiled rice in a resealable bag, a 1 lb. bag each of extra long grain white rice and LeGourmet brown rice, Producers' aromatic basmati rice in a 1 lb. bag, and our three specialty seasoned mixes-- Long Grain & Wild, Rice Pilaf and Spanish Rice. A handy 11-in-1 adjustable measuring spoon, a quilted pot holder and recipes you can use throughout the year are also included in this $22.00 package. Shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.
ParExcellence Garden Harvest
A healthy blend of our premium rice, select wild rice, garden vegetables and herbs, ParExcellence® Garden Harvest has no fat, no msg, no cholesterol, no preservatives and is gluten-free. The rice cooks seperate and fluffy every time with no clumping or sticking. Since there is no added seasoning, you can vary the flavor by cooking the rice in chicken, beef, or vegetable stock. All the vegetables, herbs and rice are blended together, so you can prepare as much or as little as you need... 4 servings or 14! Simply add water or broth and butter and you have a versatile side dish. Try subsituting cooked Garden Harvest in a casserole, salad or soup when regular rice is listed as an ingredient and see how your recipe can take on a whole new flavor! For $30.00 this package includes 6 - 3.25 lb. size bottles.
ParExcellence Yellow Rice
ParExcellence® Yellow Rice is a zesty blend of Spanish flavors, vegetables and our premium rice that cooks separate and fluffy every time. Because the seasoning is blended throughout, you can prepare as much or as little as you need - 4 servings or 14! Just add water and butter and you have a delicious side dish to accompany a variety of meals. Try our easy Paella for a complete meal - just add cooked shrimp, diced cooked chicken and cooked green peas to prepared rice. Heat through, serve and enjoy! This $27.00 package contains 6 - 3.5 lb. size bottles.



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